Along the Portuguese Coast

AdminWe left Bayona on the 29th of July, during the day the wind piped up to N 6Bft and in the evening we arrived at the port of Viana do Castello, a very nice old town with an interresting architecture, so we stayed for 2 days. On the 1st of August during the voyage from Viana de Castello to Leixöes we encountered our first  serious damage to our rigg. The kicker of our boom broke and  gave us a lot of work in Leixöes later on.
We stayed 5 days in Leixöes, visiting wonderful Porto everday by bus which takes only 15 minutes from Leixöes to Porto. Due to the heavy wind the boat got more and more dirty every day, because the sand from the beach was blowing across the marina like a sandblasting machine.
At the 05th of August we finally left Leixöes and in the evening after 60 nm and heavy wind we arrived at the little town of Figueira da Foz. The first action there was to wash all the sand from Leixeös away. Oooh how nice to have a clean boat again!

The next day we called the little port of Figueira da Foz,where we stayed untill the 09th of August, then we sailed to a small bay called Martinho do Porto, where we anchored, unable to go ashore due to heavy wind. At the 10th of August we passed the Berlenga Islands and after 60nm we arrived late in Peniche, a little fishing harbour, where we where only allowed to anchor inside the breakwater, because all yachtfacilities had been destroyed by a storm.
Next morning out at sea we caught a nice big fish with our new fishinggear which we bought in Figueira da Foz and after 45nm relaxed sailing we arrived at the anchorage of Cascais.
Cascais is the holliday resort for the people of Lisboa, only 20 minutes by train from Lisbaoa with a very nice beach and a lot of nightlive, so we wanted to stay a few days, bathing in the Atlantic. The harbourdues are exorbitant ( 40,-€ per night), so a lot of yachts where anchored in front of the city, also we. The next morning Barbara and Frank went ashore with our dinghy for the supermarket, I went swimming from the boat. Slowly the wind piped up, and in the evening we saw us in a full storm (more than 40 knots). We had to take up our dinghy and lash it  on deck. A british yacht next to us dragged her anchor and got in between a mooring of a fishing boat. Due to the very good seamanship of the skipper, the boat was anchored again after one hour of hard work.
At the 14th of August we decided to leave Cascais for Lisbao, we where tiered of the wind. I had not been ashore once ! A wonderfull day at sea and in the early afternoon we sailed up the Rio Tejo and moored at the Alcantara dock very close to the center of the town.