I need a vaccation

AdminPlease excuse but there is always so much to do and not enough time to update this blog - I need a vaccation. We are in La Coruna / Spain already. I am sitting on board under the sunroof and writing this article.
St. Vaast, a little fishingtown SE of Cherbourg is our favorite harbour to eat ousters, Frank and me everyday! From St. Vaast we sailed along the coast via Cherbourg to the Channel Islands. Our first Island was Alderney where we anchored in the huge bay. Be carefull, a full Custom/ Immigration process has to be followed here (including yellow flag to be hoisted).
On Saturday the 26th we heaved our anchor and sailed to Guernsey where we anchored in a very nice bay just in front of the town. We made a roundtrip over the island by bus for just 60 pence, thats what sailors like! On Sunday we went to a big sportsbar, the RED ONION, over and over decorated with english flags, all people were dressed in the english national teams tricot - it was the footballgame ENGLAND against GERMANY. Germany won 4:1 and what shall I say, we are still alive!!!!!!
Wednesday the 30th we sailed from Guernsey strait south to the french port of Lezardrieux, then along the coast to Camaret-sur Mer situated in the Bay of Brest. The food ouster, mussels ousters.....
Now we had to prepare for the crossing of the Bay of Biscay. On Monday the 05th of July I got a very good weatherrouting information from the German weatheroffice at Hamburg. Immediatly we went to the supermarket to get our provisions and off we went.


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