Christmas Greetings From The Support Team

Dear crew of the "Sy-Resolute", dear high seas sailors,

we hope for all in the near and far away, that you have had a  merry, joyful Christmas and further blowing wind from back and exciting adventures.
In Pécs/Hungary the weather has been very frizzy. On December 14 we saw the first snow, in the beginning only 2 cm, but two days later 20 cm snow did fall again. At the same time a severe frost came over the country. The climax was reached in the night from Saturday to Sunday by approximately 16° under zero. On Friday 490 accidents in Hungary were reported.
We had organized an amazing Christmas party. For lunch we ate a fine fishsoup, the so-called "Halászlé", which contains thick slices of fish in a souce made of paprika. Thus we felt sorry for the crew when we heard, their big fish-loot went ashore again:-/
Our litte crip-gif was produced by Magdi some years ago for a cd-rom. Sailors might be reminded of a lighthouse when they see it.
We wish you a blessed Christmas time and have fun with sailing in 2011,




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