Bayona, our last spanish Port

AdminFrom La Coruna we went by train to Santiago de Compostella, where we visited the Cathedral and watched all the tired pilgrims which made the Jacobspilgrim. At the 17th of July we sailed from La Coruna. After the 3-days-sw-storm we faced a very high swell after a few hours at sea, the wind piped up and luckely we reached the next Ria in the early evening. This so called "Rias" are deep fjords along the coast of Galizia and giving nice shelter to yachts which are going along the coast. The "Portuguese Norther", how this wind is called, was very strong when we sailed south. Just 8 nm NW of Bayona lies the beautiful island of Cies, where we anchored for one day at a snowwhite beach.
Saturday the 24th we went by bus to Vigo, hired a car and visited for 3days a landscape about 200km east of Bayona. The natural beauty of this landscape has to be seen. Still no tourismous, the little villages in their original beauty, everywhere chestnuttrees, large wineyards, good food and very friendly people - it was just fun. Bayona itself is very nice at night. So much life in the streets even after midnight!!! Now at 2.30 pm everything is dead - Siesta, only I sit at the boatyard under a boat at the hard, writing this article. But we have adaptet already, and I will have my Siesta now.


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