São Nicolau English Version

At the 31st early we went ashore with our dinghy. We went to the house of the trans-ocean represesentative, the crew of the German yacht LISBETH II and the open 4 wheelcars where already waiting for us and off we went. First we went along the se coast - no vegetation at all - desert. Suddenly the cars went off road and after 2 kilometers close to the beach we left the cars and climed down th the beach where we found a huge rockwall which was washed out by the seain such a way that very nice skulptures arose. After this little excursion we went back and picked up Henny Kusters, who wanted to show us the island.
The island of São Nicolau is divided in 2 parts. The SW part is a complete dresert, but the NE part which is facing the tradewinds is very green abd fertile. We drove through a huge vulcano when suddenly everthing became green. We drove through large banana plantations, also mais, beans, potatoes and other vegetables are grown. People on the fields where waving friendly. When suddenly the cars went left and we climed up a ver steep mountain. The cars stopped and we where climbing up to the Monte Gordo a nature reserve. Suddenly Barbara slipt and was unable to go further.She went back to the car and the rest of the party went up the mountain.On top the view was breathtaking!!!!
Later in the evening we had our dinner in the house of Henny Kusters when a boy came and reported that a yacht is drifting towards the Atlantic. We where running down to the beach and fortunately it was not our boat so we went back and continued wth our meal. At 22:00 hours we where back on board. At 24:00 hours we had our PROST NEUJAHR and watched the little fireworks ashore.


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